Your Speakers: Your Voice

June 2, 2017 by Stu Chisholm

If you attended MBLV in 2015, you might recall my article, “Good Sound Doesn’t Happen By Magic,” being included in the special expo issue of Mobile Beat. In it, I wrote about the differences between active and passive speakers (powered vs. unpowered) and all of the various signal processors that are designed to help make them sound better. Since then, I have become concerned about the attitudes among some of my peers and colleagues, especially the entry-level DJs, about speakers.

All too often, a DJ will research and pay a ton of money for the computer they use, their controller, their lighting, etc. and leave the remaining crumbs of their budget for their speaker systems. And this is—what’s the technical term?—Oh, yeah: “bad.” Very bad.

If you look at it from a certain perspective, for mobile DJs, our “product” is our sound. Note that I DIDN’T say “music.” Regardless of whether we’re spinning tunes, being an emcee/ host or presiding over an activity, it all comes out through our speakers. When it’s all said and done, our speakers are the voice of our DJ systems, and your DJ system can only be as good as your speakers.

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Stu Chisholm had been collecting music since he was about eight years old and began his DJ career in 1979. After much hard work, trial-and-error, and a stint at the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts, he studied the DJ arts with famous Michigan broadcaster, Bill Henning, at a local college. Stu interned at Detroit’s rock powerhouse, WRIF. To his radio and mobile work Stu later added club gigs at Detroit’s best venues, and voiceover work. He has shared his extensive DJ experience through his Mobile Beat columns, as a seminar speaker and through his book, “The Complete Disc Jockey: A Comprehensive Manual for the Professional DJ,” released in 2008.

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