Your prospect doesn’t care about your product or service

September 12, 2008 by Andy Ebon

woman-yawning.jpgI’m sure you’re passionate about your business. No doubt you’re proud of what you do.

You might talk about the size of your music collection, your years in the industry, or how many weddings you’ve done. All are very important, in your view.

Here’s a newsflash!! Your prospective client couldn’t care less. You are talking about features. Features don’t necessarily translate well. Features, rarely, pass the who cares test.

One has to talk benefits. WIIFM: What’s in it for me?

For example, if you say, our DJ’s carry 25,000 songs on CD to every event, So what? That’s just a feature.

The benefit: ‘We have virtually every possible genre of music. and almost any song, for any possible wedding situation. We will be able to please all of your guests’.

A smart competitor can do you one better. >We carry 25,000 songs, digitally, on our laptops. And while having that much music sounds great, the reality is, during a 5-hour wedding reception, time limits us to maybe 60 songs.

More important than having thousands of songs is that all of our laptops have a wireless connection. Sometimes people forget to tell us about a special song, or something just comes to mind, at the reception. It’s rare, but possible that we won’t have it. However, if it’s available from iTunes, we can download it, and play it, on the spot.

This is one step beyond a benefit. You have shown how your business is able to solve a problem for the bride. It demonstrates the creativity and thoroughness in a business.

Problem solving is something a bride cares about. Avoiding, anticipating, or solving a problem, making her day run more smoothly and stress-free. This is what truly differentiates your business from a competitor, and closes sales.

All businesses in the wedding industry can frame their features and benefits in the form of true advantages, from the bride’s point of view. To the extent that you understand the bride’s vantage point, what interests or concerns her, and address her from that perspective, you will break the bank.

Examine your website and print copy. Listen to what is said on the phone. If it’s just a laundry list of features and benefits, your prospect is likely stifling a yawn.

See the world from her point of view, and things will click. Now that’s wedding marketing that closes sales.

Don’t you agree?

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority

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