Your First Few Minutes at The Venue

June 6, 2018 by Jordan Nelson

We often hear that first impressions are the most important, and this is all too true in the events world. As mobile DJs, we are already having to fight to make our professionalism and credibility stand out in a world filled with hobbyists and DJs who don’t really care. There is a myriad of ways we can show that we care to clients and other vendors, and one of the easiest is through our first few minutes after arriving at a venue. Often, DJs are tempted to just pull up to the venue’s front door, unload their gear, wheel it up to the event’s room, set it up, and start blasting loud sound-check music with minimal interaction with venue staff or other vendors. While not inherently incorrect, there are ways we can build relationships and trust before ever setting up a piece of equipment.

For example, when I first arrive at a venue (with plenty of time, mind you) I park my car and head inside to find the venue’s manager or coordinator. I introduce myself with a smile and handshake and make sure I’m in the right place, asking for the easiest or best route to unload my equipment (which many times is not where I originally expected). If I’m there for a wedding and the bride, groom, or mother of the bride is already there, I’ll try and find them to let them know I’ve arrived and am going to begin setting up, assuring them that if they have any last minute questions they can find me easily.

Before heading back to my car I’ll take a quick glance around the actual event space, seeing if anything has changed from my floorplan or pre-venue walkthrough (as they often do). If other vendors are in the room, I’ll make sure to make an outgoing friendly introduction to them as well. Very few DJs do this, and you are sure to stick out in their mind. I’ll also make sure to say hi and introduce myself to the waiters and other venue staff on my way out. This entire process from start to finish takes only 5-10 minutes, but it can drastically change your interactions and relationships with others for the rest of the event. Every little thing we do to set ourselves apart from other DJs improves our image and personal reputations in the eyes of those that may refer us in the future.

Jordan Nelson Jordan Nelson (77 Posts)

Jordan Nelson is the owner of SLC Mobile DJ in Salt Lake City, UT. A native of the tiny southern Utah town of St. George, Jordan began his mobile DJ journey as a junior in high school. After traveling to Salt Lake to attend the University of Utah, Jordan completely revamped his business and invested heavily in sales and master of ceremonies training, turning his $400/event company into a $1,500/event company in under a year at 22 years old. Jordan developed a strong passion for lighting and lighting programming during his early DJ years and has written 2 books for mobile DJs on the subjects. When he is not spending his weekends at weddings and events, you can find him at the local gun range or hiking with his beautiful wife.

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