Your contact form matters. A lot!

November 30, 2018 by Christos Nikas


Hey Mr. DJ,
This is Christos. A huge welcome and thanx for being here. You’re amazing.

Your website has a primary goal.

Make the couple resonate with your story and care for you & your services enough, to go to your contact page and send you a message.

What happens when the bride gets there? Have you taken care of the last page she visits before leaving your site? Or is there just a “Name/Tel/email/subject” boring and generic form?

I’m sure your website isn’t dull and generic. I’m even more confident that your services and outcome aren’t average and boring. So, why this V.I.P (very important page) of your website is?

Are you telling me you’ve created such a great first impression, only to ruin everything the most crucial moment?

Have you really consider how important this section of our website is? What a powerful tool your contact form can be?

This is the moment:

When “You ask the girl at the bar to give you her phone number.”
When the bride decides to “speak to you.”
When she decides to reveal she was there, in your website, reading about you.
When she decides to entrust you and start a conversation with you.

This is where you have led her via your CTA (call to action)
This is the last impression she gets before her leaving.

Is this how you want to be remembered? Or do you want to provide her with a last “Wow moment”?

When designing your contact form page consider the following:

★ What do you actually want to achieve with your form?

★ How is it helping you?

★ How does it help the bride?

★ What do you want to learn?

★ What do you want to tell the bride?

★ What is the best way to ask those questions?

★ How can you filter so that more of the “right brides” are coming your way?

★ How can you save time at a later stage of your communication?

★ Is it well designed and original?

Answering all those questions you should be able to design a form that is not going to serve as the end of your website tour, but as the beginning of the relationship with the couple, you will host its wedding.

Ask, in a simple yet smart way all the information needed, to help you get back to them in the most efficient way, and start a valuable conversation.


Information such as:

★ Full names of both bride and groom.

★ Email.

★ Telephone number.

★ Type of event.

★ Date of the event, so you can check your availability and respond appropriately.

★ The location of the event that will help you manage the logistics.

★ How they have found you.
This is super important so you can check the effectiveness of your marketing moves and make wiser decisions in the future. What works and what doesn’t… (Wedding Wire ads, Youtube videos, Google ads, past event, wedding vendor recommendation, friends, Instagram/Facebook etc). This is also very important to start a conversation, “break the ice” and connect.

★ Last but not least, ask them to say a few words about their vision and how you could help them; in a warm, friendly, human manner.

You can also request a variety of other information, based on your business model and style, such as Budget, Music style, Preferred DJ (if you are a Multi-op), Venue name, etc.
You may even have different contact forms for different purposes. (A wedding/event oriented, a general one and a B2B contact form)

Please, avoid the “subject” titled area and the surreal statement “I’m not a robot.” – There are so many alternatives to prevent spamming.


Hope this will help you be more creative, productive, stand out from your competition and increase your bookings.
You could check how I have approached my contact page here, and you can extend your reading and get inspired by googling “creative contact forms.”

May the fun be with you

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