You Can Have A Retail Location Without The Retail Headaches

April 25, 2017 by Brian Lawrence

Many DJ’s are home-based because they feel the overhead is too high to open up a retail store. Even if you’re enjoying success in your home office, you’d probably think twice about opening a retail store because you’ve have to gain a considerable amount of additional bookings and clients to keep up with the expense of rent, insurance, utilities, and staff.

And there’s also the problem of opening up in a mall, shopping center, or busy area where you are paying high rent to have exposure to a large audience. Unfortunately, most of this audience won’t have any interest in your service. It makes more sense to open a store or office that is easy to find, but is away from other busy retailers, with a much lower rent. Then, you can do targeted marketing to attract the wedding couple.

Whether you’re home-based or opening up a retail location, you’re taking on a lot of responsibility. Another option, and probably the most beneficial one, is to use your wedding industry contacts to find a complimentary, wedding related business that will allow you to sub-rent space in their store.

There are very strong advantages in doing this:

1. They have an existing clientele that can be a built-in funnel for your business.
2. You now have a physical location, which is much better for SEO and Google Maps ranking.
3. You have the credibility of being considered a retailer without having to be responsible for an entire location.
4. You can likely make your own hours, work by appointment, and have the staff of the company that owns the store give you leads and even introduce you while the customer is there.

From the perspective of the store owner, you are bringing them new customers and leads as well as reducing their overhead. From the perspective of wedding clients, you’re providing them with the convenience of being able to meet with multiple services in one location, thus creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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