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September 15, 2017 by Joe Bunn

I often get asked how I can run my multi-op DJ company by myself. How am I the only full time employee? A lot of it has to do with one simple factor-time management.Let’s face it, some of us are good at managing the limited hours in a day, and some of us are not. However, we can all strive to get better with some of the tips and suggestions that I’m about to give you.

  1. Utilize Your Technology. Literally everyone has a smart phone these days. If you don’t, then you can probably just stop reading this article now. These smart phones are only “smart” if you program them to be. I put everything in my calendar in my iPhone even things like “Roll the Trash Out” on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm. And guess what? When I do that, it automatically syncs to all of my other Apple devices, my DJ laptop, my iMac on my desk and even my iPad I keep by my chair at home. There is literally no reason for you ever to miss another appointment. Make sure you are using DJ Event Planner, 17 Hats or some other type of CRM to keep track of your shows too. Use the technology in your favor!
  2. Keep a Schedule. Before you flip out and go “Dude, I got into owning my own business so I could not be like the jobbers that are 9 to 5”, calm down. All I’m saying is that by keeping a regular schedule it will definitely help with your time management. For example, I try and get to the office before 9am every day and that’s with a stop at my favorite coffee shop for a large vanilla skim latte and big muffin. Why would I not? My kids are up at the crack of dawn and have to be at school by 8am. What else would I do? Let’s work! I also try and be home by 6pm every night to grab dinner with the family, mess around with the boys in the yard, read to them, and then put them to bed. Do I get the laptop out at night sometimes once every one has shut down? Sure, but only then. And yes, there are days when I just don’t feel like being in the office all day and I roll out to long lunches or sneaker shopping excursions. You are your own boss, but you have to hold yourself responsible sometimes!
  3. Meetings Upon Meetings. Did you ever have a job in the corporate world before you got into the world’s greatest job? Those folks literally have meetings about having meeting. Talk about redundancy and utter waste of time! Do yourself a favor, try and schedule all of your meetings on one or two days vs. spreading them out all over the week. You will be much more productive cranking out work in your office all day than you are running meeting to meeting. I’m not saying to inconvenience your clients, but if you know if you have a bride meeting next Wednesday and another couple calls for a consultation today, try to steer them towards next Wednesday as well.
  4. Social Overload. I am a huge advocate of using social media to generate business. I’ll go even further, I love social media! But you know what I don’t do? I don’t let it suck me in. In other words, if you are one of the kind of people that get on Facebook or Instagram and look up two hours later and go “What just happened?” then you need to reel that in. Save that waste of time for later in the day once work is day. Get to those emails and phone calls first thing. That’s your money calling!

It’s not easy, but if you can master time management, then you won’t always feel like you’re drowning. Good luck!

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Joe Bunn started his DJ career at the age of 14 in his hometown of Wilson, NC. He did shows all throughout high school, college at UNC-Chapel Hill, and eventually moved to Raleigh, NC in the late 90s where he started Bunn DJ Company. The company grew from a couple of DJs to 15 of the area’s best mobile DJs. Over the past few years, Bunn DJ Company has expanded to Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC and Richmond, VA. The company performs at over 800 weddings a year and another 400 private, corporate and charity events. Joe has been on the board of both ILEA (International Live Events Assocation) and NACE (National Association of Catering & Events). In addition, he is a writer for many national DJ publications such as Disc Jockey News, Mobile Beat Magazine and DJ Times. Joe still DJs almost every weekend, but in recent years has been helping other DJs across the country grow their businesses. He has given seminars at Mobile Beat Las Vegas, Wedding MBA, DJ Times Expo, local/regional organizations, NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill. He has also been hired by DJs all over the world to help their businesses in every aspect from branding to sales.

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