You Are Not Who You Think You Are

August 24, 2017 by Jeff Heidelberg

You are not a DJ. You are not defined by your suit or tuxedo. You are not your DJ name. You are not your business.

Throughout life we become attached to certain identities and labels. They give us a sense of belonging and meaning however they are simply labels, not who you are.

Think back to when you were 5 years old. In one afternoon you could be a doctor, a superhero, an animal and an athlete, all before your mom called you in for dinner. In these imagination filled afternoons, we were filled with levity and joy experiencing all the different options available to us. So why is it that when we become professionals with a career, we hold onto our identities and traits with an iron grip?

I want you to think about your DJ business. What are your secret sauces? What are your homerun songs? What are your go-to tools to create memorable nights? Now kiss them all goodbye. In 25 years they will be obsolete, old fashioned and odd.

It can be hard to let go of something that brought you immense pleasure and success. I’m sure there were DJs who fought MP3s and I’m sure there some out there who still carry crates of records and CDs to every gig. By holding onto these moments of past pleasure they put up blinders to what else is out there. If they let go of these outdated tools, they feel like they are losing themselves and their identity.

Who you are goes beyond the physical and mental. You are not your thoughts; you are not your emotions. You are an open vessel capable of becoming various things and experiencing various moments.

Jeff Heidelberg Jeff Heidelberg (10 Posts)

Jeff Heidelberg currently lives in his hometown of Cincinnati, OH. From an early age, he enjoyed entertaining his family members with jokes, dance moves and whatever he thought was funny. This passion for entertainment carried on as he began working as a costumed character at Kings Island, an amusement park located north of Cincinnati. His love for DJing began after buying a Numark Mixtrack off of his friend in college. Mesmerized by the plethora of special effects and “scratching” aka Jeff moving his hand furiously on a live deck he began playing at local parties and charity events. Jeff is currently a Sales Rep, DJ and Master of Ceremonies for Party Pleasers Services in Cincinnati, OH.

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