X-Laser Mobile Beat Max MK2 allows for creativity without compromise

March 7, 2016 by Mobile Beat

New projector from X-Laser produces both bold beams and sharp graphics as the newest version of the hugely popular Mobile Beat is ready to wow audiences.LAUREL, Md., — In the world of high-powered laser, users often must choose whether they want to produce vibrant aerial beams or be able to create crisp custom graphics. The new Mobile Beat MAX MK2 removes that decision entirely, and allows mobile entertainers to craft both aerial beam shows and graphics displays without sacrificing brightness or precision – and without any compromising.


“It’s no question that DJs, nightclubs and entertainment venues have loved our Mobile Beat series, and we wanted to make sure that continues into the future,” Dan Goldsmith, President of X-Laser USA, said. “With the MAX MK2, we made this simple by combining the brightness of the traditional Mobile Beat MAX and the graphical precision of the Mobile Beat MAX IE that came out last year. The response we’ve gotten on the MAX MK2 so far has been awesome, and we think it’ll be popular for a long time.”

With a watt of brightness from a far safer amount of raw power, along with precision graphics scanners, the new Mobile Beat MAX MK2 can produce stunning effects in venues that hold up to 1,000 guests. The MAX MK2 can also project huge graphics precisely, even at distances up to 100 feet. For total creative control, the MAX MK2 offers ILDA input ,and DMX input and output along with its 12-channel DMX capabilities.

The MAX MK2 can bring creative lighting concepts into reality without ever having to choose between aerial brightness and image sharpness. All users have to choose is what they want to create, and let the Mobile Beat MAX MK2 help make it happen.

For more information about the Mobile Beat MAX MK2 please see http://x-laser.us/product/mobile-beat-max-mk2/ and for details on all X-Laser products, visit www.x-laser.com or call 866-702-7768.

About X-Laser
With nearly a decade of experience, X-Laser has established itself as the premier market-shaping integrator of high-powered entertainment laser products in the United States. Not content with laser products of the past, X-Laser continues to develop both stunning new laser products for the entertainment and industrial markets as well as innovative compliance procedures that help make laser systems available to ever wider audiences. Each X-Laser projector is double certified to meet the world’s most stringent safety standards, which are law in the United States, and X-Laser currently produces more fully legal laser light show projectors annually than all other U.S. manufacturers combined.


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