X-Laser: Do It With The Lights On

April 29, 2008 by Tony Barthel

X-Laser USA announced their new “X-Laser: Do It With The Lights On” video contest. They want to show X-Laser products being used at real events in real venues by really excited X-Laser users. So we have created a new video contest with a HUGE prize.

Send X-Laser USA your event videos of your X-Laser Next Generation Aerial Laser Display System to enter the contest and be eligible for the biggest prize we have ever (or probably will ever) offer. What’s the prize? Glad you asked!

X-Laser has custom built an over-clocked version of their X250G Dual Blaze laser system with TWO 100mW green lasers. That over 200mW of blazing aerial laser power and it will be given to one lucky X-Laser user just for showing us how they use their X-Laser. This wicked over-clocked X250G would normally sell for over $2,000.00 but it can be yours for FREE just for entering the contest. Second and third place prizes will be awarded with second place recieving a new X225G Dual Flare and third place receiving a $100.00 rebate on a new X-Laser system.

How To Enter:

Send X-Laser a video or videos burned onto a DVD or CDR (if you have the space) showing you using your X-Laser systems at a party or special event. Entries will be judged on the following criteria: creativity, party atmosphere, user testimonials, incorporation of X-Laser products in your lighting rig, video quality, and diversity of laser effects. Each user may submit up to a maximum of five videos.

Mail your completed entry to PO BOX 353 Laurel, MD 20725 by December 31st 2008. Videos must be no less than 30 seconds in length (longer is preferred). You do not have to make a new purchase to enter this contest, but you do need to be using X-Laser products as part of your lighting rig. See the X-Laser website, http://www.x-laser.com/videocontest.fwx, for complete details, rules, and restrictions. Winners will be announced by February 15th, 2009 via the X-Laser website.

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