World’s Largest Dance Dance Revolution System

June 1, 2008 by Mobile Beat

Interactive Productions, a New Jersey based corporation, recently unveiled their newest Interactive product, iDance. iDance is the world’s largest Dance Dance Revolution System allowing 32 participants to play the same game at the same time on the same jumbo video screen. Each player has his or her own wireless arcade style platform pictured below. The company originally planned on offering this system as an add on enhancement to their current entertainment packages. However, it quickly became popular with schools, camps and other organizations where large groups gather together. That’s when the company shifted their master plan and began to market aggressively to weekday income generating clients.Interactive Productions president, Michael Falgares, tells Mobile Beat that at one time this system was designed to help supplement his income but has quickly become the company’s number one income generating production. iDance offers schools assemblies, which incorporate the fitness and health & wellness iniatives of most states. Schools often opt to choose iDance’s fundraising option, Earn N Burn. Students earn money for their school and burn calories all at the same time. While the school is earning money so is Falgares as the school writes a check to iDance for 30% of the gross collected funds. Fitness centers are looking at the iDance product to incorporate into their class offerings and recently Rutgers University has begun to offer Dance Dance Revolution Multiplayer as a credited physical education elective.

Mobile Beat asked Falgares where he plans on going next with this product and he exclaimed, “I want to share it with everyone.” That is exactly what Falgares has planned as he will be introducing the World’s Largest Dance Dance Revolution System to the Disc Jockey market in Chicago this month. Not only does Falgares’ company produce shows for schools and camps but he also sells the system to those same clients for use in their physical education departments. “I cannot possibly tackle the entire country,” expresses Falagres, “so we are going to offer qualified motivated candidates a successful business opportunity.” Interactive Productions will be offering a limited amount of territory-protected licenses for current disc jockey/entertainment companies who have proven track records to help bring their company and iDance to the next level.

“They will become distributors of the iDance show and have the opportunity to sell systems to interested parties”, said Falgares.

“It’s exciting to watch,” says Falagres, “32 people playing at the same time and when we do schools over 150 kids playing in team mode, all engaged, having fun and not even realizing that their exercising at the same time. I have been in the entertainment field for the past fifteen years and I have met a ton of excellent entertainers and smart hardworking businessmen. This system is perfect for them.”

For more information on Interactive Productions World’s Largest Dance Dance Revolution System contact Falgares at the iDance Headquarters at (888) 36-GAMES or via email at Join us in Chicagoland for Mobile Beat’s summer show and checkout the system firsthand

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