Working Review: Alto TS310 Powered Speaker

August 8, 2018 by Jordan Nelson

The views in this article are entirely my own. I purchased these speakers with my own money and am not receiving any incentive to write this article.

A little over a month ago, I began a search for a new powered wedding ceremony speaker. My criteria were simple; I wanted something compact, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, powerful, and of course, it needed to sound great. After deciding I wanted a 10″ speaker, I began researching every powered model on the market today. Seeing as I already have 2 main systems that were both expensive and powerful, I just wanted a speaker that could deliver clean speech during a wedding and have enough juice to play some dinner music in a remote area. After a lot of searching, I kept noticing the new Alto TS 300 series popping up at the top of my queries.

Alto speakers weren’t an entirely new concept to me – I’ve owned a pair of their TS212S 12″ subwoofers for the past year and have been blown away with the performance they provide for the $399 price tag. In my mind, if this new line of powered speakers could improve on the already bang-for-your-buck value I was receiving from the previous models, I wouldn’t be let down. At only $249, I figured there really couldn’t be much to lose. Once the speaker arrived, I knew I had made the right choice.

Aside from the sound, one of the biggest factors in my decision was aesthetics. I wanted a speaker that looked as good as it sounded. The Altos have clean lines and a sleek, simple grille along with perfectly sized handles on the sides and a no-nonsense back surface. Underneath is your standard speaker pole mount, which comes with a tightening screw to fit smaller diameter stands and fix wobble (a feature that came in handy this past Saturday when I had to mount the speaker on my lighting T-bar). It is with the finish, however, that my only gripe arises. Just like the TS200 series, the finish on these new speakers is extremely prone to scuffs and scratches; I feel that if I even look at the speaker wrong it is going to scuff. Buying covers or bags for these speakers is a must.

As far as performance, the Alto TS310 punches far above its weight class. I could tell you about the 2000W power rating they have (although that’s not nearly as important as the 129 peak db rating), but I’d rather focus on what I heard. I powered them up in a garage and cranked them as loud as I could bear. They didn’t seem to run out of room until the volume was ear-piercing, so definitely no worries at all for wedding ceremonies or dinner music. The midrange and highs are very pronounced, and the louder you go the more shrill the top end becomes. Being a 10″, louder volumes cause the woofer to work harder and you begin to lose detail. If these were paired with a separate 12″ sub, I can only imagine how great they’d sound. Again, for a $249 speaker purchased mainly for background music, I can’t imagine anything else this price coming close.

The Alto TS310 is truly both a phenomenal looking and great-sounding speaker. Whether you want a pair of these with some subs for a small system or even a single speaker like I did for wedding ceremonies, they won’t let you down. While you can spend plenty more, this speaker fits the role I purchased it for perfectly.

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