Working Review: ADJ Mini Dekker

June 4, 2018 by Jordan Nelson

I’m not the biggest fan of effect lights; all too often they are seen as the tacky, cliche DJ light that flashes and spins throughout an entire party. However, there are just some effects that can’t be recreated with wash lighting or even moving heads. A few months back I was on the hunt for a mirror ball-type effect, but I knew I didn’t want to haul and set up an actual mirror ball. Enter the ADJ Mini Dekker.

At only $79 a pop, you could grab 4 of these lights and still be out less than the price of a decent entry-level moving head. Like all my ADJ products, it’s well made and (to my surprise and happiness) super compact. Inside you’ll find 2 10-watt RGBW LED diodes, which is one of the main reasons I chose this light; I specifically wanted a dedicated pure white LED. Also of note are the DMX connections, something rarer in a light at this price.

Plugging in the light gives the typical back-and-forth rotation and color changing we are used to in a small effect light. Let’s talk about brightness for a second. At $79 I wasn’t expecting anything I could use in a lit room, and my suspicions were confirmed. This light will perform great on a dancefloor lit up by wash lighting or in a ballroom with the overhead lighting dimmed, but don’t expect brightness on par with your 50 watt moving heads.

The big deciding factor for me, however, was the ability of the light to be DMX programmed, a rarer feature in this price range. Being able to select the white diode and a slow rotation allowed me to get the mirror ball effect I was looking for without breaking the bank or hauling a much larger fixture. The effect with one light will get you by, but run them in a pair to really fill your room with the effect. Again, these aren’t going to stand out in a completely lit room like perhaps a halogen pin spot or powerful moving head on a mirror ball would, but I don’t host many dance parties in those conditions anyway.

All in all, the ADJ Mini Dekker has exceeded my expectations, especially at the price point. I love the metal build quality, extremely small footprint, and DMX control. While they can be used in sound active (which I would suggest be applied sparingly and not continuously), they really shine when you take control.

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