Working Review: ADJ Element HEX IP

February 21, 2018 by Jordan Nelson

Of all the DJ lighting technology on the market, uplighting seems to have had the most improvements and innovations in recent years. More colored diodes, batteries, and wireless technology have all made their debut in the products of mainstream manufacturers, and the prices for these features continue to decline. I’ve had my newest uplights, the ADJ Element Hex IP (which American DJ was kind enough to send me), for a few weeks now and to say I’m impressed is an understatement.


As far as uplights go, these are the most solidly built I’ve ever had the pleasure of handling. Rugged, thick metal housings covered with a smooth, shiny finish that looks professional and durable. I really appreciated the addition of a carrying handle on top of the light that folds up when you need to carry them to their destination. Being that these are the IP rated model, the power switch and LED menu are enclosed in an equally thick, magnetically-closing hatch surrounded by a watertight gasket. My favorite feature, however, is the small kickstand underneath the light that allows you to angle it when it can’t be placed right up against the wall (a feature that has come in handy multiple times in the short period I’ve owned them). Another plus? There’s no big logos or branding plastered all over the casing, which adds to the professional appearance. The only negative in the construction department is that the little rubber covers for the feet fall off WAY too easily (I gave up and took them off after losing 2).

Wireless and Battery

After finishing up my first event with the lights (a 4-hour wedding), I flipped the hatch open to check the remaining battery life. After having been on for the entire wedding, the battery indicator still read 60%! Charging the lights was finished in under 4 hours. As far as wireless control, the onboard WiFly technology worked flawlessly. For the first event with the lights, I master slaved them wirelessly and placed them on opposite sides of a large church gymnasium with a simple auto fade program running and no dropouts the entire night. This past Saturday, I paired them with an ADJ WiFly NE1 controller (review coming soon) and placed them by the doors for the grand entrance. Again, I was able to switch colors, programs, and strobe the entire night without any dropouts or loss of signal. Seriously, once you go wireless it’s hard to go back.

Performance and Output

If you haven’t experienced a hex-LED uplight, you don’t know what you’re missing. The ability to integrate white, amber, and UV LEDs opens up a whole new array of colors not possible with RGB. The output of the lights was sufficient to easily reach the 25-foot ceilings of the venue I was in on Saturday and I have no complaints about them not being bright enough. Color mixing was smooth and you can’t notice the individual color diode shadows evident in other par lights. Another great bonus? There was an IR remote and a plug-in sensor for the airstream app included in the box, so you can control the lights right away even if you choose not to use DMX.

In the end, I’m extremely happy with these pars; they make my job easier and quicker and look good doing it. If you’re in the market for up lights, give the ADJ Element Hex IP a good look, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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