Working Review: ADJ Dotz TPar System

January 31, 2018 by Jordan Nelson

All-in-one lighting solutions have been all the rage the past few years, and I for one am grateful for it. After purchasing a Chauvet GigBar LT around a year and a half ago I was amazed at the ease of use, simplicity, and effectiveness of these compact lighting systems. Instead of spending 10-15 minutes to set up a lighting T-bar for a wedding I could have my light show ready to go within 2 minutes. I recently sold my GigBar (after 50+ weddings of faithful use) and switched over to the American DJ Dotz TPar system, which I am going to review for you today.

This review won’t be like many you’ll find on Youtube; it won’t be full of specs and numbers that can be found in the online manual. Instead, I’ll aim to give you honest feedback about points of the light I really like (and those I dislike) that are relative to our work as mobile DJs. I’ve had this new light out at multiple events, and this is what I think.

Tripod Construction

I’m starting with the tripod because many reviewers have seen this as a weak point of the system. I, for one, view it oppositely. The tripod is sturdy and reaches heights my GigBar LT didn’t and comes with multiple pins affixed to the bar for height adjustments. One thing worth noting is that the tripod is not the diameter of your standard speaker stand or lighting T-bar, so affixing a dual moving head light or similar requires some ingenuity.

Light Construction

The light portion itself is also robust and made of metal, similar to the GigBar. The cables connecting the individual pars to the body exit at right angles, which somewhat worries me as I would hate to get a short in something. On top of the unit are two additional light attachment points which are movable, a big plus over the GigBar system.

Bag Construction

The bag that holds the lights themselves is a huge upgrade, being made of a hard foam which the lights nestle comfortably in. The single pocket on the front is smaller than I would have liked, as it will not hold the power cable, DMX cable, and foot pedal simultaneously. The bag for the tripod is absolutely terrible, which seems to be a theme with these systems. It has crappy zippers and thin material and should wear down within the first 10 events, but I can replace it with something sturdier if needed.


I’m extremely impressed by the light’s brightness and rich color. I knew I would be making a significant jump in output moving from smaller 2.6 watt Tri LEDs to a giant 30 watt COB LED, but it exceeded my expectations. The color is very vibrant and room filling (for smaller to mid-size weddings and events) and the built in programs are eye-catching and varied. The pars have removable lenses, but in all honesty they make the light so diffuse it loses a lot of its intensity.


Like other systems, the package comes with both a foot switch (which is wired) and a remote control. I was super excited for the remote control, which does not require line of sight to operate. Unfortunately, it lags a bit more in its response than I had hoped, but still functions. The foot pedal is compact and well built, and thankfully has the sound sensitivity adjustment knob built into it (as opposed to on the light itself). The included cable is plenty long and there are handy little LEDs on the pedal to let you know which mode you are in. Either option is great for remotely blacking out the fixture and changing presets.

In Conclusion

Overall, I’m glad I made the switch. While I gave up some effect lights that the GigBar had, the gain in both brightness and richness of color was worth the investment. If you’re looking for a lighting solution that is both effective and efficient, the ADJ Dotz Tpar system is a winner.

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