DJ SEO Tip: 6 WordPress Blog Optimization Hacks

June 1, 2019 by Matthew Campbell

WordPress is the most popular website CMS with an estimated 75 million websites using it.  Blogging is a common process to increase your authority and keep content current.  Content updated regularly brings Google coming back to your website and visitors knowing you are still in business.  Learn 6 WordPress optimization hacks to try and achieve higher search rankings.

6 WordPress Blog Optimization Hacks

[1] Write a thorough description for each blog category.  You can actually get your blog category pages showing in Google search results.  Make each category unique and what your customers would search to find you.  Categories could include Weddings, Corporate Events, School Dances, Cities You DJ, and venues performed.  You can create and edit blog categories from the Posts section in the main menu.  Then, click categories.  This is what the screen looks like.

blog description

Blog category description.


[2] On your main blog page, show a featured post with your main selling point.  A library of your most useful posts that will convert visitors into customers is also an option.  If you do not have a featured post at the forefront, your potential customers’ first impression will be the last post you wrote.  As in the below example, David’s last post is about the shoe game.  If your potential customer is very conservative, you may have just lost a customer.  But, if your blog showcases a featured post, the post could be about how each customer is unique and how you bring romance and fun to every event.

featured post

A sample blog post shown at the top. No featured post is shown.


[3] WARNING: ONLY CHANGE THIS SETTING WHEN FIRST CREATING YOUR WEBSITE.  DO NOT CHANGE AFTER BLOG POSTS HAVE BEEN CREATED.  If you have already written blog posts, speak to a website specialist so that your old blog URLs can be redirected to the newly formatted URLs with the below settings change.  If you change this setting without knowing what you are doing, you will break your website.  The preferred SEO permalinks setting is “Post name”.

permalinks settings

Blog permalinks setting.


[4] Write a unique custom excerpt for each blog post.  Why?  The blog excerpt shows on your category pages.  You want to stay away from duplicate content.  Having a unique blog excerpt will help your blog category pages rank in Google search results.

blog excerpt

Blog excerpt content area.


[5] Set blog archives to excerpts with read more links.  Never show complete articles on archive pages and the main blog page.  Why?  The authority of a blog should be the specific blog post pages themselves, not the main blog page.  You run the risk of duplicate content if the same content is on your blog page and on your blog post page.  In the main WordPress menu, click on Settings and then Reading.  See below to set your blogs to show a summary on your main blog page and on archive pages.

blog post summary

Blog post summary setting.


[6] Don’t show a list of past blog archives based on the month and year published.  No one cares but you!  Who do you think will take a look at your posts published in November 2017?  No one!  Utilize the space wisely like social profiles, blog categories, a contact form, and/or featured posts.  Don’t do this…

blog archives dates

Blog archives by dates.

Optimizing your website to rank higher in search results is an ongoing process.  If you are trying to rank number one, the tips I have provided over the past year will help you get there.  If you already rank number one, there are many people trying to dethrone you.  That is why SEO is not a one and done process.

The above blog SEO hacks will help you to rank your blog category pages and give more importance to your individual blog post pages.  If you have a blog hack not mentioned above, be sure to share it below in the comments.

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