Women Rule! Why You Need a Trusted Female for Your Wedding Business Marketing – Part 1 – Website

September 5, 2017 by Justin Reid

It is surely no surprise that in 2017 your website is one of, if not the most important marketing tools there is for a wedding DJ business. Given this fact alone, we are presented with a challenging situation. The large majority of DJ companies are male owned. Those DJ company owners are marketing to a largely female audience. A bunch of men marketing to a bunch of women, what could go wrong, right? It is this singular reason that helped me change the way I was marketing to our potential customers and couples through our website. Over the last few years I have had the good fortune of building a relationships with a few of the wedding planners and coordinators in our area. I quickly found out how beneficial these relationships were when it came to my business, especially my marketing efforts.

When it comes to the website, I have targeted three main areas that I seek advice from these trusted women. First, the overall design of the website. Wedding planners spend a lot more time looking at and designing wedding aesthetics than I do, so who better to help shape the visual aspect of your website design. A few things they helped me shape in our overall “look” was color palette, font styles, and layout.

The second facet of the website my female comrades helped me tweak was the written content. Being a guy trying to write like a female is quite a difficult task, so having a female help you write and edit the copy is definitely the way to go. Another great way to learn more about effective written content is to check out the more popular wedding blogs and wedding magazines.

Lastly, my trusted ladies shared what images and pictures are most effective. Professional photos are a must! The next important note is what photos to choose. They helped me understand that we should show the results of the experiences we help create. For the most part, women respond to emotion more than men, so showing pictures of brides’ and couples’ special moments is paramount. Basically, sell moments and emotions rather than packages and gear. Considering our website is our first impression, strategically choosing the right images is very important.

According to research, a small business website should be refreshed or rebuilt every two to three years. With that in mind, the next time you refresh or redesign your website, finding trusted women in the business can make all the difference when it comes to effectively communicating and connecting with brides and potential couples.

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