WiCICLE Wireless DMX receiver redesigned & inspires a new wireless brand of lighting products

September 25, 2013 by Mobile Beat

Blizzard Lighting Announces Skywire™ Wireless DMX Products

WiCICLE™ Wireless DMX receiver redesigned & inspires a new wireless brand of lighting products.

Waukesha, WI. – Blizzard Lighting is pleased to announce that they have recently redesigned their wiCICLE™ 2.4 GHz wireless DMX receiver inside and out. And with the rebuild of the wiCICLE™ receiver, comes the addition of the name “Skywire”, Blizzard’s Lighting’s new brand of wireless DMX products. This newly designed DMX receiver is called the wiCICLE™ Skywire.


Though the working specifications of the wiCICLE™ Skywire receiver are exactly the same as the original design, it now features an internal antenna, in contrast to the previous external style, bringing the overall length of the unit down to a tiny 3.35 inches long (8.5cm), and maintains approximately the same diameter of a standard XLR plug.

Another new feature of the wiCICLE™ Skywire™ receiver is its frosted semi-transparent end cap, which covers a single 7-color changing LED that illuminates the entire cap. The color displayed is directly associated with one of 7 different frequency channel groups that a user assigns to it. The wiCICLE™ Skywire™ receiver then communicates flawlessly with the matched color group found on all Blizzard wireless DMX transmitter products. This makes the wiCICLE™ Skywire able to support up to separate 7 systems, all operating simultaneously without interference for up to 1000 ft (line-of-sight).

Bob Mueller, co-owner of Blizzard Lighting was enthusiastic when asked about the new design, “The original wiCICLE™ receiver was a great product, everyone loved them. But now with the internal antenna, it’s just more streamlined, more compact, and with the new end cap that illuminates in color… it just looks much cooler.” 

The new Blizzard brand name of “Skywire” has since been incorporated into other new products such as their latest DMX controller that comes fitted with a built-in wireless DMX transmitter; the Kontrol 5 Skywire™, the Puck™ Fab 5 Skywire; a flat LED par can with a built-in Skywire™ receiver, and also the soon to be released StormChaser™ Skywire RGBAW; a one meter long LED strip light / pixel effect fixture with a built-in Skywire™ receiver. Both of these new light fixtures also feature built-in rechargeable, lithium-ion battery systems.

There are talks within Blizzard management of adding many other new products with built-in wireless DMX that will bear the new “Skywire” brand name.

The retail price for the wiCICLE Skywire™ receiver is $249.99, and is available for immediate shipping.­

Blizzard Lighting, LLC, headquartered in Waukesha, WI., is a leader in LED entertainment lighting, with products like its well-known Puck® series in use throughout the US and world.

Blizzard’s website is located at: www.blizzardlighting.com

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