Why You Should Still Hire a DJ for a Wedding Reception

June 30, 2019 by Mobile Beat

Weddings are a time of celebration that is typically filled with love, food, and music. Yet, the modern day has seen more people opting to put on a music playlist at their reception instead of hiring a DJ. However, there are some serious benefits that you get for your wedding reception when you hire a DJ that you miss out on otherwise. That’s why we are going to take a look at the reasons you should hire a DJ for your wedding.

They’re Professionals

The best reason to hire a DJ for a wedding reception is that they are working professionals that have honed their art. They are going to be able to tell the bride exactly what they offer, the associated costs, and then justify their position as a part of the wedding reception production. They will instill in brides the confidence that they know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it as they help you prepare for your special day. Most of the time, these DJs aren’t just guys that do this once in a blue moon; they’re professionals that have undergone rigorous training and even apprenticeships. To sum it all up, a good DJ can tell you exactly why you’ll want to hire them.

Setting the Mood

The first reason that you will want to hire a DJ for you wedding reception is that they know how much affects people. There is something to be said about knowing offhand which songs will get which response for the benefit of the wedding. These professionals know that Canon in D Pachelbel is the name of the song that you, the bride, walk downs the aisle to and when to play it. They can set the mood, make the father of the bride tear up, and get people ready for the procession to the altar. The power of music cannot be overstated, and the DJs have made a living off of mastering the effect on people.

Reading the Crowd

Whether people are mingling with nothing to do or striking up married chat amongst other, less inhibited guests, there are times when the DJ can direct people back to the main event. This involves the ability to read the crowd and know when it is time to get them pumped up on the dance floor or to calm down for toasts. The ability to read the crowd and know what it needs is another skill that talented DJs possess and it is important to remember that.

High Level Production

Another reason that you will want to go with a professional DJ for your wedding reception is the simple fact that they have the tools to make the music sound great. If anyone has ever been to a reception where the music was a phone hooked up to a couple of speakers, they will understand that quality matters. Professional DJs often bring their own sound equipment that is specially tuned for the event. That means they have taken into account the volume, the potential acoustics of the building, and the size of the crowd that needs to hear your songs. This is another valuable asset to have for your big day.

Can Work with the Other Event Staff

The final reason that having a live DJ is a great asset for any wedding reception is that they are used to working with other staff members. If they need to make an announcement, then their equipment is right there and set up. If they need to get the crowd’s attention for the caterers, then it’s a simple matter. Moreover, DJs know that they are working as part of a larger team that is there to make the wedding occur without any problems. The bottom line is that these professionals work together and a DJ can be a valuable part of any wedding production.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to continue to hire a DJ instead of using any other method for having music. Professionals DJs know how to set the mood, they can read the crowd, and they have the equipment needed to make the entire production sound amazing. The ability to have someone that is familiar with the wedding production process is nothing short of incredible, too. Forget trusting the musical fanfare of the most important day of your life to someone with a “cool playlist” and go for the professionals instead.

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