Why you should consider following me on Twitter

March 15, 2009 by Andy Ebon
Follow me on Twitter

Follow me on Twitter

In my recent seminars on New Social Media, one of the common questions is: What about Twitter? Are you on it? Should I be on it? What’s the deal?

Beginning last summer, my answers have been: “I have a Twitter account, but I’m still figuring it out. I think too many people are using it as just another outlet for their status line from Facebook, LinkedIn or some other social media site. Just because it uses the same length as a text message or a status update, doesn’t make it a good way to use it.”

For the uninitiated, signing up for a Twitter account is a simple and short process. Once logged in, your account can, essentially do two things.

  • Select people or businesses that interest you and follow them.
  • Post Twitter updates, called Tweets. People following you, will be notified of your Tweets.

You can follow your favorite wedding consultant, media consultant, marketing guy, or just a friend. You can deselect someone you are following, anytime. Conversely, if you’re starting to bore people, they can deselect you.

How will I use Twitter?: Occasionally, I will use it to point to a particular blog post of mine. More often, I will use it to direct you to other news articles, blogs and websites about wedding industry news.

Most important, I don’t expect to Tweet more than 5-10 times a week… tops.

Follow me on Twitter

The goal is really quite simple. If I’m to be ‘The Wedding Marketing Authority,” I should be a major resource in wedding industry and wedding marketing information. I should not be a nuisance. I should not be unnecessarily redundant. I’m not a chef or restaurateur, so nobody much cares what I had for lunch.

I encourage you to sign up for Twitter and follow a few people you may find interesting. You may elect to never post Tweets, and simply be a follower, using your subscriptions as a news resource. Don’t be seduced by the notion of being your own 140-word publisher. If you publish Tweets, have a reason and plan for doing so.

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