Why you should be using Snap Chat to promote your business

December 13, 2016 by Cyndi Lemke

Snapchat has been around for 4 years already and is can be a part of building a relationship with your snapchataudience. Introduce yourself to your audience and let them know who you are, what you do, how you do and maybe even why you do it. With Snapchat you can share every angle of your service. As a DJ you want to be set apart from your competition and more importantly distinguish why they should choose you. Your content on this platform is called snaps, this is what you are sharing with your friends and followers.

Once you download the app you can grow your audience by also downloading ghost codes and find connections for your industry or others you want to connect with. You can use a selfie and create an introduction video to increase engagement. This is a platform you can be yourself and interact with audience with a more real approach, but always remember in the social media world anything can be saved and shared. Although your posts will be on a 24 rotation people can still screen shot to save for the future.

Your “story” is just that, your daily routine, networking, set up, live action shots and whatever content you decide to create and share about you and what you’re doing to build your business. You can share from your camera roll, still shots and live video. Once you start following others you can see what they share and get a feel for what you want to create for this platform. Once you’re comfortable with your account you can recognize other influencers and participate in takeovers as recommended by social media examiner they explain it this way “Takeaway: To get your message seen, you can let an influential Snapchat user take over your account. You may not have connections with 300K+ followers, but even local authorities with hundreds or thousands of fans can improve your Snapchat reach.”

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