Why You Should Always Back Up Your Music/Videos!

April 6, 2017 by Jason Rubio

If you ask any DJ or DJ company, what the most important aspect of their business is, you may get different answers. Some people will say the turntables or controller, others may say speakers, most companies will say great employees, but in my opinion, though all of those are important, even more important than all of these things, is the music! Without your great music library, you’re out of business! You can have a great sound system and great DJs on your team, but without music, DJs simply cannot perform!

I’ve heard of many fellow DJs having a hard drive crash, or external drive crash, and they have no music for a gig that’s in a few days! This is a huge problem, of course! So ALWAYS back up your music files! How you back up your music is up to you. I, personally, do a combination of things to backup my files. My philosophy is: you can never have too many backups! I use a large 5 TB Seagate External Hard Drive that is compatible with a Mac or PC. I then have the exact same files on a 500 Gig External Portable Seagate Hard Drive, as well. Then, I have 2 Terabytes of Google Cloud Storage, that also has many music files on it. I also have all my files on my Macbook Pro hard drive, as well. You can use whichever type of external you like. Here’s a great link that compares the external drives: Best External Hard Drives

I normally use my Macbook Pro and its hard drive to run Serato DJ. I also bring a backup Macbook Air, and the 500 gig external, in case I ever need it. Literally, 2 weeks ago, my Serato program crashed a few times at an event. Luckily, I have several 15 minute music mixes to get me through, while I troubleshoot. I used a mix, while I restarted Serato DJ, but then it happened AGAIN, within 30 minutes! Wow, I was super upset! I used another mix and then turned on the Macbook Air to finish the gig. It turned out that I had forgotten to update Serato DJ. I updated it, when I got home that day, and it has worked flawlessly, since. So be sure to back up your music and always update your DJ software, too! Don’t get stuck at a gig, without a backup plan!

What do you do to be prepared for these type of situations?

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