Why You Should Add Monogram Lighting to Your Packages

February 10, 2017 by Jason Rubio

If you’re a DJ, or even an event lighting company, then chances are, you’ve been asked by your clients about a monogram light, or “gobo light” as some of us call it. These lights are a great addition to any package. They can be used for just about any event, but we’ve mainly seen them used for weddings, quinceaneras, sweet 15s and 16s, and company parties. Adding a monogram light is the perfect way to give your clients that personal touch.

Today’s couples are all about doing things that are unique. Having a monogram light that allows a couple to add their names or initials, as well as the date, makes it more personal. If you’re providing it for a quinceanera, sweet 15 or 16, or birthday party, the guest of honor can have his/her initials or name, and the date, created, just the way they want it, which gives that personal touch. This allows your client(s) to have their input on how their personal monogram will look. Giving your clients the ability to have input on every aspect of their event is the best way to ensure that they’ll be happy with your services! What better way to please your client, than by letting them have as much input as they want, on their event?

Now, the technical details. Yes, the gobo projectors are expensive, and making custom gobos from steel or glass are also expensive, and adding color to their monogram, is more expensive! Steel gobos cost about $55. Glass gobos are about $90, and multicolor gobos can be $300 and up! The projector prices vary, depending on the brightness of the light, or wattage, as well as the “throw” distance, or how far away it will project the image, clearly. The good news is, there are some cheaper alternatives!

First, you can always rent a gobo projector, from a local DJ/equipment rental company, or you can even rent them from online sites, as well. Another alternative is to make your own gobos, on a transparency, or on a powerpoint, to use with a projector. I’ve heard of people doing this, but have actually never done this, myself. We have a gobo projector and get the gobos made, each time we need them. The choice is totally yours, but in the end, it’s well worth the investment and you’ll up-sell your clients and make your investment back in no time!

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