Why you need to include video in your social media strategy.

November 15, 2016 by Cyndi Lemke

Video is dominated by the 18-33 crowd; they spend most of their time on their mobile device watching videos…for everything. They will be entertained, use for learning and make decisions based on what

video camera

video camera

they are watching. This is your audience; you should have a plan to incorporate video into your social media strategy.

Have a plan: Create a calendar for your social media strategy and create or use videos that match the plan for that content. There are a few key reasons to create videos: Introduce your business, create a call to action, inspire or entertain. If you are just starting your online presence you can introduce your business for the next 6 months! The call to action should be mixed in on a monthly basis so you stay top of mind and never lose momentum for your potential customers to remember you. Inspiration for your Industry can be the music in itself, artist, genres or select music videos. Inspiration can also be a video with your favorite quote, lyric or theme. Entertaining your audience is basically whatever you think is funny, cool or makes you think. Remember the more videos that better, they are the most watched content right now.

If you are looking to connect with a certain industry for your next gig, research that industry and share some of the videos that inspire you to connect.

Create: Don’t be afraid to just be yourself, you don’t need to invest in equipment for video, your audience just needs to see you, hear you and understand why they should watch. Create with a purpose. You can post tutorials, interviews, action shots of events or even behind the scene prep as long as it’s all within your strategy. Part of your content can also be re-sharing the same content at different times.

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