Why You MUST Be Inconsistent!

February 21, 2014 by Alan Dodson

inconsistentConsistently means in the same manner, without variation. While I believe that some of the business practices you use, must be consistent, such as management skills for a multi-op, or showing up for all weddings and events on time, or being consistent in pursuing your goals. However, too much consistency in your performance will make you average and mundane.

I am not advocating rapid and constant change, what I am saying is that a statement in your marketing materials that says “Fifteen Years Experience” can mean two totally different things. I can mean that you have been constantly evolving, learning and changing your business for the better, or it can mean that you have one year of experience, repeated fifteen times. The sad part is that the clients have no idea which description is actually correct for you. If you want to be known as an outstanding DJ/Entertainer and to be able to get paid a living wage for your services, you must be willing to try new things, learn ways to be different and unique and take knowledge you obtain and make it uniquely yours. Failing to change is the death of a participant in an evolving industry. If you fail to change, you will simply fail!

As a wedding DJ/Entertainer, I have learned through the years some things that have made me different than the other DJs in the markets where I have worked. I will share some of those concepts with you. First, your primary goal for your wedding clients is to make sure that their special day is stress free, romantic, fun, classy and memorable.

inconsistent-behavior1You must be able to exude respect, sincerity and trust. You must be able to create emotion and elegance throughout the wedding day. You must be interested and prepared to listen without judgment so that you can translate the vision of the clients into a meaningful reality. You must be as enthusiastic about their celebration as they are. You must love your clients and respect and protect them from the pitfalls that can come up during wedding planning and on wedding day. The final thing is to deliver far more than their expectations, doing the extra things that are not really in your job description.

Follow these simple rules and you will be pointed in the right direction.

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Alan Dodson conducts specialized workshops & training covering sales, marketing, social media and Master of Ceremonies and does one on one consulting with his company Top Gun Systems and has recently released My Party Charger for events.   His goal is helping event professionals excel in their local markets.  He has been a sales specialist, mobile DJ, entertainer and event professional for over 38 years.  He owns a 30 year running bridal show and Mr. Picture Booth Manufacturing in Bristol, Tennessee and is the Entertainment Director for Concierge Weddings & Events.

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Alan Dodson is a 43+ year veteran of the wedding and special event industry. He is a recognized authority on sales, marketing and social media for wedding and event professionals. Alan is an accomplished speaker, presenter and author. He is a featured writer for several international magazines & blogs and regularly speaks at International Event Industry Conferences. Alan has extensive training in electronics engineering and writes reviews of new and updated equipment for the DJ industry. His company, Top Gun Systems (www.topgunsystems.com) represents, and establishes dealers for, the audio brands of Feur Germany, Voyz USA, LD Systems as well as Ultrasone Headphones, ProX Cases & Trussing, Xstatic Lighting, Uno Laser and Earthquake Audio. He also offers sales, public speaking, Master of Ceremony and social media training in workshops and individual consulting. As a DJ/MC/Entertainer Alan specializes in weddings and is known as “The Wedding Wizard”. Alan can be reached by email at alan@djalandodson.com and on social media at: Twitter.com/alanbdodson, Facebook.com/alanbdodson, Linkedin.com/in/alandodson

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