Why start a trivia business?

September 2, 2016 by DigiGames

So, if you are considering launching into the trivia industry you do need to think about it as not only will there be an initial cost with materials and of course the large time investment but you will need to think long term as you don’t want to rush into thing…

Let us have a look at some reasons of why trivia is a good business to be in.

Why start a trivia business? – Extra Income

Now, let us start with the obvious and I am sure you will already know this but the vast majority of people you see hosting trivia nights do it as a source of extra income to supplement their jobs and wage. If you only get 1-2 gigs a week it is not going to enough to live on. It does take time to start out so what I am saying is don’t go out there, quit your job and expect to get a trivia business going straight away. It isn’t going to happen….you need to start from the bottom.

The first booking is always the hardest to get and you may have to offer some free trial runs to get your business and name out there. Then the extra income will eventually come. Even if you charge just $30 a night for the first few sample games the experience you get will be of much more worth and if you do a good job it will help build a reputation.


So initially, you will be doing the trivia business for extra income to put towards your holidays or to add to your savings etc. Whatever the reason trivia business is big business and even 1-2 sessions a week and you can earn good money!

Plenty more reasons why at http://wireless-buzzers-quiz-buzzer-trivia-games.com/2016/05/01/why-start-a-trivia-business/

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