Why Should They Work for YOU?

September 15, 2016 by Jason Weldon

Iam always preaching about coming up with solid reasons why customers should book you. But I rarely touch on reasons why people should work for you. Think about that for a minute. What is your USP to get people to want to work for you—either as a DJ, in the office, as a technician? What are the things that you do that will make them choose to work for 173-34-35you over someone else?

Evaluating the current talent pool should be a daily task that all business owners are constantly doing. We all know we want to hire great talent, no matter where they might fit in in our business. I mean, you’re probably telling your customers that you have great customer service and that your DJs are the best in the business, right? So if you are telling them that, don’t you need to be able to actually get the best of the best?

In order to get this great talent (and retain it), you have to think differently and offer them the best of the best in perks or incentives or packages. Certain things that will stack the deck in your favor ever so slightly or maybe even a hands down, no- brainer for them to be on your team.

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