Why People Dance: A Deeper Look at a DJ’s Core Concern

June 4, 2019 by Mike Walter

When someone asks you what you do for a living, what do you tell them? I know the question can be hard for us. If we say “DJ” we inevitably get asked, “What radio station?” And if we say “Wedding DJ,” we immediately feel the need to follow that up with, “but not the cheesy kind.” Which is why I often answer: “I help people dance.” I obviously do a lot more than that. I MC and coordinate. I set up gear. I help with event planning. Etc., etc. But if you asked me what the single most important thing I do is, I’d say, “I help people dance.” Because when everything is said and done at an event, and the guests are driving home discussing the night, how much they danced and partied will be probably be the number one thing they talk about as far as the entertainment goes (right up there with how the bride looked and how the food tasted).

You’re free to agree or disagree with my assessment, of course. You can argue that the introductions are more important. That the love story you craft and deliver is the highlight. Or your technical skills, combining amazing lighting and video with the music, is what makes you stand out. And you may be right. But for me, I feel I am always judged on how well (or how poorly) I rocked the dance floor. Which is why understanding the psychology of dancing is so important to me. It’s a topic I’ve studied and read about and interviewed people about and it’s a subject I have a lot of opinions about. I’m going to share some here and I have even more to deliver in my seminar “Why People Dance,” which I’ll be delivering in March at Mobile Beat’s Las Vegas show.

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