Why It Took Me So Long To Write This

August 1, 2018 by Michael Cordeiro

I’m a procrastinator. How do I know? It took me six months to write this blog post. Everyday I wake up, write my to do list and totally do a dozen other things. Sound familiar? I have every intention of getting things done and being super productive. You know, “Carpe Diem” and all that motivational stuff. The fact is most days the only thing I really like seizing is my afternoon nap.
I guess it’s the benefit or curse of being self employed. I’m the boss, so I can take breaks whenever I want or push things off to the last minute. Hey, as long as everything gets done and I’m prepared for my event – who cares when I do stuff. Right? To quote Jim Carey’s Grinch;”Wrongo”. The fact is too much procrastination leads to unneeded stress and burn out. It’s one thing to say that you perform better under stress and totally unnecessary to drive yourself crazy getting ready for an event.
Why do we wait until Saturday morning to prep our wedding playlist when we had all day Wednesday? Only DJ’s know and brides never need to. My wife wants to know why though. She is always saying,”shouldn’t that have been done already”? My reply, “Yes, now please leave my office”. I enjoy setting up for my events and love working them. Not a fan of breaking down or prepping before hand. It’s all part of the job though.

Procrastinating means running twice as fast to cross the finish line on time. If you had four days to complete a 100 mile marathon, would you run 25 miles per day or wait until the last day to run 50 or 75 miles to finish on time? Get my point? Don’t be that guy. Google motivational self help tools. Today!

We just entered the last month of summer vacation. In 3 or 4 weeks kids will be back to school and the PTO or PTA meetings will begin. Have you got your marketing material together for all the fall school events? When are you going to do it? Labor Day? What about Holiday parties? I know it’s only August, but most of my annual clients book by the end of September for December. Time to make a new Holiday promo or take a nap (just kidding zzz….).

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