Why have a blog on your site?

February 15, 2016 by Mobile Beat

Welcome back to the blog today and I hope all is well. Yesterday’s postings seems to have went down really well, and I hope you all have fun hosting the more serious trivia quizzes. Both lucrative and enjoyable!


Today we are going back to a theme we focus a lot on here and that is promotion. As I have said time and time again, you can have the best set up going, the strongest question the best format (and tell the best jokes), if you don’t have the correct marketing and promotion behind you, you are going to fail. Everything from social media to posters to online presence needs to be up to scratch otherwise you are going to find yourself wallowing behind.


This blog post is, rather ironically, going to look at the topics of blogs. Why are they helpful? How are they helpful? What should you do on them? The blog is an underrated and underestimated tool in your online arsenal and now let us look at how you are going to utilise this blog and why it is so vital…

Why have a blog on your site? – First question….

You need to be serious here. Do you have the time to commit to keeping a daily, or at least 4-times weekly blog? If the answer is Yes then skip ahead to all the sections below. If not, and you really will be pushing it then you need to think twice (Skip to the section entitled – Why have a blog on your site? – Hire a writer?)

Why have a blog on your site? – Search Engines Love Them!

The first main reason to have a blog is that search engines really do love them! With the blog being updated all the time, with all kinds of content, and eventually lots of content on the same issue, then you will find more traffic directed to your blog than your normal site. This happened to me almost by accident and I then realised the power of a simple blog. What you have to do though then, is to make sure that when people do visit your blog, they then visit your main site!

More reasons on why to have a blog is just a click away – click here! – http://wireless-buzzers-quiz-buzzer-trivia-games.com/why-have-a-blog-on-your-site/

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