Why Do We Resist Change?

October 11, 2017 by Jordan Nelson

DJs can be stubborn. We cling so tightly to our ideals until someone grabs us by the shoulders and shakes us ’til we wake up. For some, they refuse to believe they can charge a livable wage in their market. For others, they hold fast to the idea that their equipment defines their service. And some are so set in their ways that there is no chance in hell they will ever switch to a MIDI controller.

Why do we resist change?

Technology is constantly evolving, and deliberately choosing to stay behind can be detrimental to our businesses.

A few examples:

No matter how much you swear that vinyl DJing is the only pure form of DJing or that CDs are “the most reliable” media option, the fact of the matter is that using digital media to DJ is the new standard. For a mobile DJ, it simply makes sense. It’s easier to carry, you can store a greater volume in a smaller space, and anywhere you go you’ll find compatible equipment. While these constraints perhaps don’t apply as fully to club DJs (where CDJs or vinyl are the norm), for a mobile DJ there is no better option.

Or take, for example, the surge of “column array” speaker options available on the market currently. This newly popularized form of live sound speaker looks strange to those that are accustomed to the traditional boxy look of speaker cabinets. I’ve seen DJs claim that clients will think you look less professional if you use them, while some say that they would never be able to sell more expensive packages to their customers if they used them.

Buy why not?

These new speakers look cleaner and more slick, blending into the venue better than traditional speakers. They often don’t have wires running up them, and they offer great dispersion patterns. They’re more compact and easier to transport. In short, they make our lives easier while still delivering a quality experience. And isn’t that all that really matters?

Choosing to resist change in your business does nothing but advantage the other guy. Choosing to stay in the past is like choosing to use a map when everyone else around you is enjoying a GPS. So go ahead, make your life easier. Quit holding on to your habits and rituals and start looking for ways to streamline your business.

Jordan Nelson Jordan Nelson (38 Posts)

Jordan Nelson is the owner of SLC Mobile DJ in Salt Lake City, UT. A native of the tiny southern Utah town of St. George, Jordan began his mobile DJ journey as a junior in high school. After traveling to Salt Lake to attend the University of Utah, Jordan completely revamped his business and invested heavily in sales and master of ceremonies training, turning his $400/event company into a $1,500/event company in under a year at 22 years old. Jordan developed a strong passion for lighting and lighting programming during his early DJ years and has written 2 books for mobile DJs on the subjects. When he is not spending his weekends at weddings and events, you can find him at the local gun range or hiking with his beautiful wife.

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