Why do some Persist and some Quit? Because…

September 14, 2016 by Jeffrey Gitomer

Is there a secret to follow-up? No.
Is there a best way to follow-up? No.
Why do people quit too soon? Big question.
Why do you quit too soon? Bigger question.
Have you ever read Think and Grow Rich? Biggest question.

Reason? Think and Grow Rich (written by Napoleon Hill 78 years ago) has an entire chapter on persistence that provides real insight as to the characteristics of what makes some stick at it until they win, while others stop either just after they start, or stop just before they are about to taste victory.

Rather than be so presumptuous as to paraphrase the great Napoleon Hill, I am going to give you the EXACT words of the master (now in the public domain).

Here are some excerpts (and insights) on persistence quoted exactly as they were written seven decades ago, and still applicable in your sales process today.

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