Why be a kids entertainer? By: Rob Peters

January 24, 2012 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

 As a DJ, one market that is generally overlooked is the kid’s entertainment market. If you perform Bar/Bat Mitzvahs or School Events, then you already have the experience to perform for children between the ages of 3 and 7 years old.

There are several pros and cons to providing children’s entertainment that you may want to consider. Among the advantages:

  • Kid’s Entertainment can be profitable! If you set up a children’s entertainment program that appeals to the younger audiences, you can book your services for kid’s birthday parties. And parents SPEND MONEY for their kid’s birthdays. (Click this link for a feature from “Good Morning America” that tells more: http://youtu.be/mEH_G9MVqMw
  • Potential clients such as Day Care Centers, Camps, Shopping Facilities, Sport Events are ALL looking for entertainment for kids, and will spend money on quality.
  • You CAN increase weekday bookings with an entertainment program for kids.
  • Performing for kids can open doors to bigger events as a mobile DJ (with the right marketing, networking and follow up.

The cons to performing for kids include:

  • Even though your clients will spend money for your services, these events generally do not pay as much as your typical Wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
  • Kid’s entertainment is NOT for everyone. If you are unable to be “kid friendly”, or you simply do not like kids, then you will not be successful. It WILL SHOW in your performances!

In considering whether you can or will provide kids entertainment, developing an entertainment program to market these services is important. If you can sing, then a program such as “Kiddie Karaoke” can work for you. A few changes in the library, as well as a kid friendly persona can help make you successful. If you are a Bar/Bat Mitzvah DJ, you probably offer games as part of your services. KIDS LOVE GAMES, and it can be an avenue into entertaining for younger kids. Promo Only offers 2 Music Video discs especially for younger kids which could be integrated into a program.

In developing a kids entertainment program (or becoming involved with one such as Bubble Parties.com or Campardy), there are a few things you need to know:

CLEAN MUSIC: Clean versions of music is a MUST! You will not go far as a kids entertainer with music that has inappropriate lyrics for children.

HAVE A “KID FRIENDLY” PERSONA: Hosting a kid’s birthday party and emceeing a wedding are totally different. You can not be in “Wedding Mode” when you are entertaining young kids. They LOVE entertainment that is funny and fun. In fact, every interactive dance that most brides and grooms hate can be elements to a successful kids party!

HAVE A PLAN: When developing your program or show, have it formatted out and remember that you need to keep the kids engaged for the entire performance. Planning your format out and spacing out interactive dances and games will allow you to keep your performance at a comfortable pace for kids.

BE ACCESSIBLE, BUT APPROPRIATE: As you begin to do your performances, you may find that kids will become “fans” of your kid friendly persona. As they do, they begin to look at you as a “friend”, which may mean that they may try to get a hug from you at the end of the show. Even though it is harmless, it can be perceived the wrong way. Also, remember you are a kids entertainer and not a parent, teacher or another person in authority. So correcting children at your event, or even disciplining them as if you were in these roles may not be a good idea. Be sure to ask for cooperation from those people in charge to help you with these aspects. They are rare, but they do happen!

As I said before, performing for young children is NOT for everyone. It does take a certain skill to be successful as a kids party entertainer. If you are looking to generate extra revenue for your DJ business, this is just one way…and it CAN BE FUN!

With over 20 years experience in the Mobile DJ industry, Rob Peters is the owner of Rob Peters Entertainment, Inc. located in Braintree, Massachusetts. Rob is an Endorsed Professional Entertainer, author of “The Business Of Mobile DJing” from ProDJ Publishing, and the owner of Bubble Parties.com, which offers a business plan and materials to help DJs make money performing Bubble Parties for children.

Rob is also known as “The Bubble Music Man” throughout the greater Boston area and performed over 180 children’s events in 2010. In 2010, The Bubble Music Man was a finalist for a Parent’s Pick Award from Nickelodeon for Best Kid’s Party Entertainer in Boston


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