Who did you make your videos for?

March 29, 2012 by Arnoldo Offermann

We don’t advertise anywhere except Wedding Wire. All of A Premier Entertainment’s leads are generated through that, WOM, or our blogs. What makes our blogs so great? Compelling, eye-catching photos help (I wrote on this a few months back). However, video is the key here.

When I chat with a client, I let them know that we post new videos EVERY WEEKEND. Just as they wouldn’t choose a caterer without sampling the food first, why would you hire a DJ without seeing videos of him at an event beforehand?

Vlogs are nothing new, more and more DJs are doing it. With basic video cameras costing $99, there is ZERO reason not to have one.

However, the issue lies with how the videos are produced. Let me break down the typical DJ “gig log” video for you; tell me if this sounds familiar:

1) 3 minutes of the DJ talking in his car.
2) 2 minutes of the DJ setting up. Maybe there’s some goofing around with the crew.
3) 30 seconds of the DJ saying “wow check this event out we’re just getting started” in total darkness with loud music in the background.
4) 2 minutes of the crowd dancing.
5) 1-2 minutes of a recap.

I kid you not, I’ve described the typical DJ video. Not ONE client wants to see a DJs head yapping around in a car.

The other set of videos I’ve seen are just montages of people dancing to one song. This is better, I guess, as it can show off lighting (if you brought any out for that dance), but your customers are not going to watch that all the way through, either.

My videos are 10 minutes long, and I know DJs don’t watch them all the way through. I don’t care, I’m not making these for DJs. I make my videos with two ideas in mind:

1) To create a viral video amongst the friends and family. I want to stir up conversation about how great the wedding went and put a top-of-mind awareness on any engaged couples there.

2) To show prospective clients my MC style, mixes, lighting, and various ideas that they can incorporate into the event.

Target group #1 always watches the videos. Some complain that they should be longer. Each video should yield at least one event; It is our goal to yield at least ONE event from each event we do.

Target group #2 calls all the time from seeing our blog videos, so clearly they’re watching them. I do ask questions about if they saw the videos and have gotten answers from “I saw a couple and liked what I’ve seen” to emails that outline how they’ve been watching our videos for months now and have been saving money because we must come with a “high price tag.”

Sweet nuggety goodness!

I’m not saying “zOMG MY VIDEOS ARE THE BEST.” My goal is to knock out at least one a week so I don’t have time to make them super-amazing. If you want to see a sample of an EXCEPTIONAL video, check out Jason Jani’s channel.

However, my videos work for US and I know that our formula can work for you, too.

Here’s our basic formula and it’s simple.

1) Start off with your company name. Feel free to attach your website address if you want. Remember that your videos won’t always be viewed on your site.
3) End with your website and phone number.

Holy crap, that was simple. See? Told you.

The content section is what’s important. Heres some thing that should be in your content.

1) A before and after video. If you transformed the venue, why not do a 10-15 second clip that shows the room before and after the lighting?
If not, maybe a 30 second clip introducing yourself and then show a brief synopsis of what you brought out. Remember to use client terms VS DJ terms.

“We also brought out a beautiful monogram displayed with a bright theatrical-grade projector.”


“Here we have a steel GOBO done with a ETC Source 4.”

2) Videos of you MCing. Don’t have an assistant to do so? Get a tabletop tripod. Do you move around a lot like I do? Get one of these: http://www.swivl.com/

My point is, there is ZERO excuse to not have videos you mixing.

3) Some mixing samples. Show how you blend the music.

4) Crowd hyping. Do you hype up the crowd? Add that in to the video!

5) Special moments the guests well remember. Add any funny or “aw” moments you recorded to keep the guests that were at the wedding captivated.

Overall, your videos need to be fun! Remember the more videos you do, the better target market you are going to hit.

So who are your videos for? Your clients and marketing purposes or are they for DJs?

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