Where are Photo Booths Headed

December 15, 2015 by Geoff Carlisle

We have been offering a Photo Booth type service for over 12 years. First it was a camera tethered to a printer & now we have a new L.A. Party Photo Booth that does everything but cook!

Taking a photo & printing it out in multiple choice formats is the norm. Having the capability to shoot “green screen”, SloMo video, Gif creations, Light Paint, Morphing, etc is the new techniques that add so much more to your offerings to potential clients.photo booth

The secret seems to be to sell each option separate. Too many choices overwhelms not only the client on a proposal but guests during an event. Each function of the photo booth has it’s own nuances & limitations. For instance, any video based function (SloMo, Morph, etc) the final output is a video. So no printing! How are you going to send that to the guests? Via email, texting, social media;  all have specific set up needs & internet requirements.

So as the technology of the photo booth evolves the tech requirements & knowledge of such expands. Let’s see if we can get proficient with these new toys before the “Virtual Reality” function is added!

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