When will an “APP” replace the DJ

October 14, 2011 by Ric Hansen

If all you bring to the party is a sound system and music library, your days might be numbered.  If you are tracking the advancement of DJ APPs it’s gotta scare you a little.  Any 15 year old kid now has access to instant music, and instant mixing technology.  The price of self powered speakers is coming down…. and bingo, another “DJ” is on the street competing against you.  You can either say what I hear DJs say over and over again…”Yes, but we are professional, and have years of experience and are DJ association member,and have a business license and carry insurance. ”   All sounds good, but, guess what?  The graphics industry, the newspaper industry, the printing industry and the travel agency business “professionals” all said the same things right up to the time their industry was turned upside down by technology.   Lest you think I am writing the epitaph for the Mobile DJ industry…you are dead wrong.  What I am saying, is, that if you want to survive in the DJ business you need to recognize there is an important paradigm shift taking place.

The DJ is not simply a jockey of discs (MP3s),  he is the party host.  Microphone work, crowd engagement, games, group dances, massaging the crowd,  quick wit, and party psychology are the new skill sets necessary to survive long term as a DJ.  Maybe it’s time to change the name from DJ to  ”MPH” :  MUSICAL PARTY HOST.

Here is the latest DJ “APP” entry:  watch?v=gBmcdKKgPbQ&feature=player_embedded

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