When Is It Time To Upgrade Your Ride?

November 8, 2016 by Joe Bunn

I am writing this article not ten minutes after looking at a brand new van for Bunn DJ Company. I’m pretty much sold on it, but I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been going back and forth on this purchase for months. Why? Well, for one, as I’ve gotten older I’ve started holding on to my money a little longer (can I get a cheers to that?). Also, I’m trying to justify it, and I think I finally have. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been dragging around my rig in some sort of an SUV. Currently I’m driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, I guess it would be called a mid-size SUV. It’s a cool looking truck, but anything past a coffin and couple of 12″ speakers, and it’s simply overloaded and dangerous to drive. As we have added uplighting, better lighting, DJ booths/facades, it’s simply not cutting it anymore. Not only is it too small, it’s getting destroyed loading stuff in and out. Don’t even ask me to show you the back bumper.

So I justified the need, now can you justify the monthly expenditure? I asked my account to run the numbers for me and I finallyla-fi-hy-mercedes-metris-review-20160604-snap got the thumbs up once we negotiated a lease. Unlike my Jeep that goes everywhere, this car will sit probably 5 of 7 days so I won’t run up the mileage like the last time I leased a car. Bad call Joe!

Finally, always take into consideration what the insurance is going to cost (it shouldn’t be too much unless you’ve been an idiot behind the wheel) and also factor in where it’s going to live. At first, I was going to leave it loaded here at the office, but after coming by here late last weekend and seeing how dark it was in the lot, hell to the no, I’m going to widen my driveway a little and keep her there!

Well I hope this helps a little and you’re able to make the call to buy, lease, or hold tight with what you’ve got. I’m always here to answer questions for my fellow DJs! Peace and love!

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