What’s Your IQ Part 2

March 14, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

This week we continue with “What’s Your IQ?, Part 2”.  For example: We offer our clients planning meetings. OK that’s great.  What’s the intriguing question here? If you’re a single op and you meet with your couples in advance or are a multi talent company that meets with their couples your intriguing question could be this.  Wouldn’t you like to know whom you are handing a live microphone to in front of all of your friends and family? That question will have the person stop and think about that. It positions them there at their event…imagining someone on the microphone and now they will also think back to events they have attended and may remember a bad experience where the DJ on the mic was awful.  

Here’s another.  If one of the items you wrote down was timeline creation or event coordination (and you do provide that) then ask them “How will you be sure there is a smooth flow to your event?”  They may say they’re unsure or they think things will just happen. Then encourage them to have one person in charge, someone to take the stress off of them. Ask them about other events they have attended and see if people knew what was happening when and if there was a smooth flow to the event or not.  

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