What’s Your IQ Part 1

March 7, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

What’s Your IQ?


No…not that IQ.  What’s your intriguing question?

I was listening to an industry podcast the other day and they covered how to sell in a world where every bride wanted to break things down in just text format…communicating with you via email, FB message or text.  The host made a comment about how hard it is to distinguish your value in an email…in fact it was practically impossible. While I would agree that it is more difficult, I wouldn’t say that it is practically impossible.  The key is to have an intriguing question.

What’s an intriguing question?  One that makes the client you are speaking with stop and think.  One that changes their thought process on what they are looking for.  One that makes them reconsiders information that you are presenting them.  One that makes them realize that YOU just may be the best option and to at least give you the time of day for a meeting.  

OK…that’s great Mitch…How do I come up with my own intriguing questions?  Easy.

Start here.  Create two columns on a piece of paper.  Write down everything you do on one column in a bullet pointed list.  Now think of questions you would ask yourself about that bullet point if you were a client.  When you are thinking of the questions focus on the “What’s in it for me – for the client?” part of it.  


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