What’s Your Goal?

August 16, 2017 by Bernie Lehman

“MBLV 21, it’s where you need to be,” said Ryan Burger from stage, so I jumped up, ran over and got my ticket.  That’s what you’re supposed to do right?  You learn all these amazing things from MBLV and attending every year is what is necessary for you to stay on top of your game.  If you don’t come for the learning, you come for the networking.  Heck, maybe to meet some of the entertainers.  Can I get a “whoop whoop” for Jason Jani?

A year goes by, my business did this and that, it was a pretty decent 2016.  I had my ticket to MBLV 21 and to make sure I didn’t miss out on something which could push me over the top, I made sure to get the Platinum Package.  This is a MUST buy folks!!!  Not only do you get saved front row seats, but you get to meet some of the folks who run the show, meet the entertainers, and just the added excitement from the front row is totally worth the extra few dollars.

As I sit down for the opening session of MBLV 21, the cool part is I get to sit by a couple of the presenters.  I’m feeling all VIP now.  That was until the moment Mitch Taylor leaned over to me and asked me a simple question.  I had seen Mitch the year before and related to him, so for Mitch to ask ‘little ole me’ a question was like “woo hoo”, I must have hit it big at the casino.  That was until I realized what the question was and what it really meant.  You see he asked me, “What’s your goal?  What are you trying to get out of this week?”  Oh crap!

I had none, I came to MBLV 21 like I was “supposed to”, like I had been doing for the past several years.  Watching some of my favorites like Jason Jani, like Todd Mitchem, and like, low and behold, Mitch Taylor.  As I’m stumbling over myself trying to come out with something intelligible, a loud warning siren is going off in my head, you know the effect on your board, screaming over anything which may be actually going on.  All I could come up with in a deflated tone is, “I don’t have one”.  I’m sure I was bright red because I was significantly embarrassed.  How could I not have a goal for this event?  How could I spend the money for a flight, the hotel, the food, the ticket, and the Platinum Package, and not have a single goal in mind?

So let’s deviate and go back to 2016.  I attended MBLV 20 and I got to meet Red Foo, I got to speak with Jason Jani and talk about how we used to work at the same overly large telecommunications company and how I think he is an awesome DJ, and listening to Todd Mitchem telling us to “Do Epic $..T!!!”  There is no way anyone can come home from MBLV and NOT be all fired up.  I was so uplifted from MBLV I was just booking everything in my path.  My clients didn’t have the opportunity to say “no”, because if they did I’d crash their wedding and DJ for them without being paid for it, that’s how excited I was.

The year wore on, things went really well, getting my five star ratings every time, except one.  I can handle one right?  We can’t be perfect all the time, right?  She had a point though, I had flubbed up a couple of things, like calling her by the wrong name over the mic even with a highlighted monogram of her name on the floor right in front of me.  Yeah, that was me.  Ouch!

Ok, so back from the past, I’m sitting there beside Mitch, I can barely remember the first speaker because I’m freaked out embarrassed that I don’t have a goal for MBLV.  As Mitch does, he only had positives to say to me, but at that point I knew I was really in trouble.

So what’s your goal?

I ask that because when we set up for an event we all typically have a goal in mind, like to “wow them through entertainment” or something with a “sparkle factor”.  Is that your real goal though?  Or do you say that to get your five star review and then just step through your pre-setup way of doing things?  For that one bride I worked for, my only goal was to get through the reception.  You see I was tired from Thursday through Saturday of doing production work for a youth leadership group and she was a wedding on Sunday.  There’s my stupid excuse, but I had booked her and she deserved my everything.  My goal for that day was to just get through and go home to bed.  My goal unfortunately was not to impress her, not to wow her, not to inspire her with a musical message.

I let her down.

What’s your goal?

Are you inspired to watch a bride deeply staring into the groom’s eyes during the first dance, the moment when she realizes that she will get to spend the rest of her life with him?

Is it the excitement of a high school girl dancing freely because this is the first formal she has ever worn and she feels like a princess for the first time in her life?

Or could it be the moment when a non-profit breaks the $20,000 goal they had set so they could provide art supplies to so many families that have kids on the Autistic spectrum, because they know that through art is the only way some of the children can communicate?

What’s your goal?

We’ve been given a gift folks.

This gift allows us incredible access into so many lives, typically in times of great celebration.  This gift rings out through music and our own unique way of blending it together creating a musical journey.  That journey weaves itself into the fabric of their lives to be held in their memory of that event.

I ask you again, what’s your goal?

Not just your goal for that event, but for your gift.  For the calling that brought you to being a DJ.  Is your goal for your gift to “wow” them?  Would it be enough?

Or is your goal to serve others?  To make the world around them a better place to live in, even if it’s just for a few hours.  To inspire them by the musical journey you take them on.

Go write your goals down right now.

Read them every day.

Then go live them.

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