What to play for “Back to School”

September 1, 2011 by Ric Hansen

School is back in session everywhere now across the nation.  DJ’s are gearing up for another big year on campus.  The buzz around here, is the excitement about the launch of our new “School Dance Network” website.  It’s been our summer project and now we are just days, maybe hours to make the switch.   The new site will feature new, rich content, as it relates to school dance events, suitable for school administrators and a special blog section focusing on just DJ related issues.  We’ll feature interviews, comments, and interaction among everyone associated with school dance events.  As member DJs you will receive our Top 30 safe songs each week, and the Do Not Play list…sent right to your e mail.  Plus you will be highlighted in the only DJ directory that reaches thousands of school administrators and student leaders.   It is the only site dedicated just to school dances.  And that’s it.  I’ll give you the word when it rolls out.  Meanwhile here’s the first round of Safe Songs for the new school year.  Enjoy.

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