What To Look Forward To From Music Tech In 2019

March 29, 2019 by Mobile Beat

Music is life for a lot of people, and it can be said that over the course of an average day you are bound to hear or listen to some sort of music. In fact, music has managed to become incorporated into nearly everything that we come in contact with, from waiting for a customer services rep on the phone to being the inspiration for slot games like Danger High Voltage. As with anything, technology has had and continues to have a huge impact on music, with music tech some of the most advanced out there. So, with 2019 nearly four months old, what can we expect from music tech this year?

Sony 360 Reality Audio

Sony are experts in the audio tech field so it should come as no surprise to see them feature prominently on this list. Well, they are back with a bang in 2019 with Sony 360 Audio which is a new audio format. With this format, Sony are aiming to deliver a 360-degree soundscape that delivers the ultimate listening experience to the user. Many are suggesting that this latest tech from Sony could spell the end of stereo, especially as Sony are already working alongside major labels and music artists to develop a library of music that has been 360 Reality Audio optimised. Streaming platforms are also getting involved too, so its impact could be felt sooner rather than later.

Sphero Specdrums

What you can always be certain of where music tech is concerned is that there will always be something innovative yet fun and exciting. That’s precisely what Sphero Specdrums provide, which in effect are rings that link up to a bespoke app which in turn transform colours into music. The user must simply download the Specdrums Mix app, link up their rings, and then begin tapping on any surface. By tapping on a surface, the user will be able to create, beats and sound, with creators Sphero claiming the Specdrums recognise any colour in the world.

Garmin Vivoactive 3

You could say that music and fitness go hand in hand, with many of us preferring to work out while listening to music. Running and listening to music at the same time has become a big hit for a lot of people, but many would say they don’t want to be lugging around their smartphone to make listening to music and running a reality. This is where the Vivoactive 3 comes into play as it’s effectively a GPS enabled smartwatch which also the capabilities to allow the user to listen to music too. In the past there has been concerns over personal safety when out running without a device with a cellular connection for example, but the Vivoactive 3 looks set to change that with LTE functionality on board.

What you often have when it comes to music tech is a blend of functional, effective, yet fun pieces of kit, that everyone can quickly bring into their everyday lives for one reason or another. The music industry is heavily influenced by the latest technology and trends around, and 2019 looks set to be another huge year in that regard.

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