What to Do with Those Screens

July 31, 2017 by Steve Sharp

I find it sad that the heyday of music video (creatively and in popularity) happened LONG before it was relatively easy and practical to manipulate or even simply MIX music videos, as DJs do with music. Now that it IS possible, it’s now RARE that music videos seem to generate the kind of excitement they once did.

The major software packages today for DJs using music video are: Serato, Virtual DJ, and Mix Emergency (which piggybacks off Serato). Each have their pluses and minuses. My advice: Find a combination of controls, computer, and software that you’re most comfortable with. Get something good, learn to use it, practice, and THEN take it out and play!

Let’s take a look at some service providers to help you get up to speed with the videos you’ll need. I’m going to suggest you operate legitimately. Please do the right thing and endeavor to get your music and videos legally. Music pools and video pools operate by charging dues. Those dues go to the pools them- selves. For the most part, the record companies and artists do NOT get the money you spend on your subscription. The biggest mistake DJs in pools make (at first): thinking that they’re BUYING the music, per song or per video. “I’m getting too much filler.” You’d be paying the same amount if 200 tracks were released in a month or if 30 tracks were released that month. If you get videos you can’t use…don’t use them.


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