What to do when you find your employees not working

August 6, 2014 by Ben Miller

Yelling at an employeeConfession: This was my biggest problem of being a leader. I would often leave my office and walk around to check on my employees to see what they were doing, only to find them messing around on tasks that had nothing to do with their job. Sometimes they were doing things that were part of their job description, but they had more important tasks they should have been doing. 0

And I would get ticked off. I’d storm back into my office and think to myself “why am I paying these people? They’re costing me $XX.XX/per day and they’re not accomplishing anything”.

After I cooled down, I would go back to their desks and say (in my most condescending voice) “hey… what’cha doing?”. I would hear responses like “nothing really” or “I’m just in between stuff” or “I’m just trying to figure out _______”. Not very often was I OK with their answer. Their answer was never “Oh, I just figured out how to make the company another $100,000 this year!”. They didn’t say it out loud, but what they were really telling me is that they had nothing to do. Woops… that’s the leaders fault, not theirs.

When I hired my first employee, I said “hey, you’re going to be helping out around here”. He knew that he had to handle one division of our company (again as you might have seen in previous articles, took up about 50% of his time), but we never really discussed what he would be doing with the rest of his time. I knew what I wanted him to do… I wanted him to do all the stuff that I did, all the stuff I didn’t like doing, and all the stuff that I didn’t know needed to be done and more. Crystal clear, right? Wrong.

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