What to do when Attendance at your Trivia Night Begins to Dwindle….

November 4, 2016 by DigiGames

Today, I am looking to look at an issue a friend who reads the blog suggested that I cover in a chat we were having. He is having a problem whereby his trivia night has dropped from 16 teams on average, down to 12 teams and now there are some weeks when there are only 5 teams playing, He is in a difficult position and I have been there before myself.  I am sure you will face at some point, if you launch a career in this sector…..what do you do if the trivia attendance starts to fall?

You have done all the preparation, planning and everything seems to be going great but all of a sudden things go from bad to worse. You know your neck is on the line and if you don’t pull things round soon then you are going to be in the awful position of having no gigs and no bookings. Here are a few ideas and some food for thought on how you can look to ensure your trivia night picks back up.

Falling Attendance at your Trivia Night – Reasons Why?

First you have to look at the reasons why the attendance may have dropped and be clear and honest with yourself. There could be so many reasons:

  • Maybe your quiz has become stale and predictable.
  • Are you letting cheats prosper?
  • Is it dragging too much (this is why feedback is always important to try and get from your players)?
  • But the most annoying time is when you are doing the same quiz format that has been working for weeks and suddenly stops working….are you then clashing with a sports event?
  • Is it a period of bad weather?
  • Or more importantly has a local venue started their own trivia occasions that is putting yours out of business? This is more worrying that everything else.

More to go on this at http://wireless-buzzers-quiz-buzzer-trivia-games.com/2016/05/19/what-to-do-when-attendance-at-your-trivia-night-begins-to-dwindle/


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