What I Learned At Aliencon

November 16, 2018 by Michael Cordeiro

I’ve always been fascinated by shows like Ancient Aliens, Oak Island and Expedition Unknown. These shows demonstrate that history isn’t written in stone and the world is still full of wonder and new discoveries. When I found out that Aliencon was coming to the east coast I just had to go. Luckily, my 50th birthday was in September and my wife got me a Gold Pass as a birthday present (she’s a keeper).

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived. Would the convention be about exploring new ideas and learning about new discoveries? Would it be a big tin foil hat parade? Fortunately it was more about the former and less about the latter; although there were some really interesting tin foil hats. To say that the convention was packed would be an understatement. Over four thousand people came from all walks of life (on this planet and others). Imagine four thousand DJ’s at Mobile Beat?

Seriously though, Aliencon was attended by a true cross section of America. Engineers, architects, military, astrophysicists, archaeologists, blue collar folks and a few left over hippies from the sixties all gathered together to exchange ideas, learn and network. Sure, some went just to meet the stars of the show and others for the experience or to party. The majority, however, came with the intent of learning more about a particular topic.

The presenters were great, all experts in their respective fields. Positions gained through education, research and hard work. The seminars were thought provoking and filled with out of this world content (no pun). I was really impressed at how approachable most of the stars were. They were genuinely interested in listening to ideas and theories from the attendees. The pervading mantra of the weekend was, “Do your own research and share what you’ve learned”. I was blessed to meet and speak with many of them one on one.

 During the convention I had the strange feeling I’d experienced all this before; the atmosphere, the camaraderie, the unique personalities and interesting seminars. But where? It wasn’t until the plane ride home that it dawned on me – Aliencon was just like Mobile Beat Las Vegas! Sound like an episode of the Twilight Zone? Remember, Nevada does have an E.T. Highway.

Mobile Beat Las Vegas has always been a place where DJ’s from all backgrounds, cultures and levels of experience come to learn, network and celebrate. The presenters and seminars are top notch and the networking opportunities are endless. More importantly Mobile Beat Las Vegas challenges us to take what we’ve learned and grow our businesses. It also gives us the task of making our industry better at home and nationally. If you’ve been to one, then you know.

Heading to MBLV23 in March? I challenge you to do more than just attend the seminars. Meet new people and go to lunch or dinner with them. Set some time to meet the presenters and ask them questions. Contribute and mentor to someone with less experience then yourself. Step out onto a bigger stage. On the fence about attending? I just want to point out that it’s in V-E-G-A-S. If you choose not to go then you can always just say that the aliens kidnapped you.

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