What do they expect?

April 29, 2013 by Jason Weldon

I can’t begin to tell you all the little things that we do for our customers. And I couldn’t imagine not doing them, I mean, they make us who we are. But there comes a time when we simply can’t do all the things that we either are doing or want to be doing. We don’t have enough time and/or enough people to do all the “things” we think are important. So we have to choose to do the best ones.


Well, for a while, I never wanted to choose, until I was forced to. What do we have to keep and what do we have to be okay with letting go. So we let our customers choose. And boy was I surprised. Most of the thing we were doing, they didn’t event expect, nor did they care about.


And that really got me thinking, what do they expect? What do they really want from us? What don’t they care about? If I had these answers, I would be much more prepared to manage the systems in our company and be able to keep the most important things that we do.


How many things do you do that customers don’t really care about. I bet most of the things that you do, you do because you think it is the best customer service, or you just know that is what your customer wants. And by doing all those things, you might be going nuts trying to do them or spending a ton of money trying to get them accomplished!


Do what I did and find out what your customer expects from you. Obviously you want to go above those expectations, but you don’t have to shoot so far over them that your customer doesn’t even know you are exceeding them.


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