What Do I Do with These Screens?

June 11, 2017 by Steve Sharp

As if DJs didn’t have enough to keep them busy, there’s always more: music videos! Music video can be: the “edge” that puts you above and beyond your competition; or some other dumb thing everyone does that no one pays much attention to; or…BOTH. Based on my experiences, I have ideas to share about how to make it more of the former and less of the latter. But first let’s look at how we got to today, in terms of music video’s development.

The age of music video EXPLODED in the early 1980s, parallel to the explosion of cable television. Did you know: that people used to have antennas on the roofs of their homes in order to get a maximum of 12 channels (often grainy, depending on your location) out of thin air for free? These channels did NOT include most of today’s favorites such as: Fox, ESPN, A&E, Comedy Central, HBO, MTV, or Youtube, as NONE of these existed yet.

Enter, cable TV, which could pipe into you home HUNDREDS of channels in clear, near digi- tal-quality (originally), with rich stereo sound! Content providers scrambled to feed this sudden explosion in demand for new content and niche channels. For the first time, you could hook up your television to your stereo system, and it wouldn’t sound like a tinny AM radio. Televisions of the time were VERY SMALL by today’s standards, with the primary part being a large, fat and round picture tube. It’s pretty hard to describe the impact these multiple improvements would have and how exciting it was at the time.

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