What Can You Up-Sell?

November 17, 2016 by Joe Bunn

So for the longest time, I was on the “stick to what you know” plan at Bunn DJ Company. When the photo booth trend kicked in and people were getting $1500 per booking, we did end up getting a booth. I ran it for about a year, but always had trouble finding someone to man it, load the graphics, the printer would break, etc. etc. I was over it. I sold it to one of my DJs. Ironically, he has bought about three now and is making bank off of it. Duh, I’m an idiot. At least it’s “still in the family” though right? I have to make myself feel better…go with it.

My point here isn’t to point out that I’m a moron, it’s to talk a little bit about upselling within your own DJ company. Ok, so I’vehr5a9878 touched on Photo Booths. Before getting one, think about it all the way through. Who is going to man it? Load the graphics? Book it? Where is it going to be stored? Can you fit it in your current vehicle? Can anyone? Also consider the cost and how much you think you can book it for. If it’s $6,000 (at least) and you’re getting $600 for it, that sounds like 10 shows to make your money back right? WRONG! You have to factor in the paper costs, labor and maybe even breaking printers! Maybe double that number to 20 to be safe. Can you book it twice a month? Maybe. And if that’s so, you could be making a profit in a year. That’s a pretty solid ROI. I’m just saying weigh all options before pulling the trigger, you don’t want that sitting in your kid’s playroom.

I would say the best investment I’ve made in gear in some time is uplighting. We use the white LED Chauvet EZ Par 64 cans and charge $550 to take out 16. You don’t want 16? Too bad, you’re getting 16. LOL. In addition, we didn’t buy the whole road case deal, we use the Chauvet bags that hold four each. Why? My guys don’t have big vehicles, vans or trailers. They have cars and small SUVs. The bags make these easy to move. I would highly suggest starting with 16 and probably getting 32 or more depending on how well you sell them.

That’s just a couple of options for upselling, but you get the point. Remember, if they are coming to you to book a DJ which is arguably one of the most important parts of a wedding, then they trust you. If they trust you, you can damn near sell them anything. Sometimes I wish I had tuxes and bridal gowns and limos in the parking lot. I could sell them all and be a one-stop shop! But then I come to my senses, pump the brakes and go back what I said at the top of this blog post, sometimes it’s best to “stick to what you know”. In other words, be sensible with what you buy, figure out how long it takes to make your money back, and then grow from there! Best of luck DJs! Let’s go!!!

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