What are they really buying Part 1

November 28, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

What are they really buying?

For my wife’s birthday, we went to a very high-end restaurant.  Upon perusing the menu, one side of my brain thought “choose the steak…you love steak…it will be good….you’ll be happy.” The more adventurous side of my brain LOVED the description used for their dish entitled Crazy Chicken.  It had all of the ingredients that I liked, sides were OK and yet I was inclined to make the purchase of the unknown vs. the known entity.  In the end the Marketing worked – however once my meal was done I wasn’t as satisfied as I could have been with the steak, and I was left with a feeling that my meal was a little less than what I was promised in the description.

Are you doing the same?  In this day and age of competing for a clients’ attention, are you going too far with promises just to earn the sale?  Here’s one way to find out.

After your meeting for clients who book you, send out a survey with a promise of a $25 gift card for those who fill it out and return it.   What questions should you ask?  We’ll cover that and more next week.  

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