“Wetting” Clients’ Appetizer For Your Service – The Drip

January 26, 2008 by Scott Faver

This week it’s all about the drip. A marketing drip that is. When a client calls, ideally you want to schedule an appointment. But often clients want to take it one step at a time. So, collect as much contact information as they are willing to share. Then be prepared to send them something via mail, email, fax… And not just one item but lots of stuff. Not all at once of course but a bit, drip, at a time.

Each marketing piece should stand alone, on it’s own merits, but layer ideas about your services and entice them to call back and schedule an appointment with you. Our tagline is – You have the dream… We make it happen! Dream is the emotional word. Facts tell, emotions sell. So we use a D.R.E.A.M. acronym.

Dramatic, Romance, Emotion, Ambiance, Memorable. We have an Email and Mail drip campaign that covers benefits and features of our services based on each of these ideas – How we can make their reception Dramatic, their first dance filled with romance, and so on.

This DREAM drip campaign is separate from, in addition to, our regular welcome package which outlines our rates, references and services. The plan is to touch the client with your company’s name, image, and ideas at least seven times to make an impact that sells.

Lots of work? Yes, but well worth it. While most companies lose interest after the first or second call back, or piece of mail, your clients will recognize your interest in their business and appreciate your follow up and follow through!

Scott Faver has established himself as the Game Master with DJs from across the country. In addition to entertaining clients whose names are household words, he continually crafts new games for his clients and the DJ industry. Scott is also the moderator of the Interactive DJ Forum at ProdDJ.com and hosts a weekly on line chat, every Monday, discussing games and activities with DJs all over the world. A big part of the reason DJs have come to recognize Scott as the Game Master might be his being in front of hundreds of them at numerous conventions, cruises or in their own living rooms with his Four Game Master DVDs. A seminar with Scott means one thing: standing room only and fun for all! he also writes the Master’s Series in the ADJA Newsletter and can be found right here on Mobile Beat’s On Line Edition on Game Master Mondays. You can also visit Scott’s web site.

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